How can I concentrate better when driving a car?

I have my practical driving test next Monday and actually I know all the traffic regulations here in Germany.

I've had lessons where I performed better and I have those where I perform worse.
Tonight I didn't sleep well because I'd been dreaming about the test...
And today I made mistakes I actually must not make anymore so shortly before my exam :(

My instructor told me that I think way too much, that I "draw the devil on the wall" as you say in German, and that I think too complicatedly.

Do you think it's because I pressure myself to get to the Netherlands on October 13th? I'm about to move to The Hauge... I'm very excited.

I've been told to dring 2 beers tonight, but I doubt that this will work :/ (I need to drink loads of alcohol to notice something, like at least 8 centiliters of 40% vodka )

We've scheduled one last lesson for 1 PM tomorrow because I didn't do well today

. Can you give me some advice on how to keep my focus and how to stay calmer?

8 times 4 centiliters.. 40 milliliters
Do you think some kind of anti-stress pill might help?

I've read to abstain from this stuff but might a cigarette help?

I usually don't smoke


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  • look at the road at all times
    also that "don't check ur mirrors when switching lanes" is bs check your mirrors and your blindspots

    you gotta be confident man
    you gotta show that car who the boss is, and assuming you're in Europe and drive standards over there you are definitely in control of the car

    • Germany has the strictest standards in Europe and I'm driving through cities like Mainz and Nieder-Olm ( a small town actually)

      These have very tricky spots however :/ And today the sun was so low that it blinded me so that I missed speed limits - F*ck

    • oh yea always go a little below the speed limit during he lesson, you're going to get looks from other drivers but who cares you gotta pass this test.

      and yea I heard that any moron could get a license here in the states

    • Driving in America is a joke compared to driving in Germany...

      I've been advised to show the examiner that I drive at the required speed limit to show that I have seen the traffic sign. On the Atuobahn you drive like 130 kmH that's not my problem. I think my problem is there where I have to drive through narrow streets. I tend to drive too fast... I need to pass this test on Monday or else I quit..

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