Is He Lying to Me?

Hey guys and girls! I don't know what to think of this so I'm trusting you guys to answer this question for me :)!
So here is what happened:

Whilst we were texting he would compliment me on my looks, not the "hot" or those kinds of compliment. So I decided to flirt a little, I texted him something maybe a little too obvious because he read it... 5 minutes later (abnormally late of him) he replied: "________, it's not like that." I asked him Like what, and 7 minutes later he wrote that he wasn't trying to lead me on. So I went with it and we texted, though we both agreed it was awkward. A few days later, I asked him if he ever lied to me. He said "no, never." I asked him to promise. He read the message, no reply. This happend somewhat recently. So what do you ladies and gentlemen think? :)!


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  • I need more context instead of the blank

    • The (underscores) Blank is where my name goes :)

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