Any photographers in the house? need some advice on what camera to get?

I'm really keen to get into photography to compliment my ecology and conservation uni course, but I'm in need of a semi decent camera that is capable of taking good macro shots as my real passion is in invertebrates, especially arachnids.

I have recently been given a lumix fz30 that is ok, but it just can't produce the type of macro shots I'm after. Can anyone suggest a semi affordable camera that is capable of taking good macro photos which is also suitable for a beginner?


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  • What do you consider semi affordable?

    • well im on a student loan but have minimal outgoings right now. I could possibly go up to £200 or so at a stretch

    • I'm not really a photographer, but I just bought a couple video cams and a dslr for some outdoor work, I was thinking I might be able to exchange some thoughts with you on a camera, but I don't think those are really what you are looking for... there are some great photography blogs and forums out there where there is already a ton of info that you'd find helpful though.

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