Should Brock Lesnar put The Undertaker out of his misery?

The Undertaker is a wrestler from the 90s who was good till the mid 2000s.

Should Brock Lesnar put The Undertaker out of his misery?

Its just painful to watch him now... He's 50 and grey yet he wants to be the top dog.

The Undertaker is set to face Brock Lesnar inside a cage this month. Should Brock Lesnar kill him in the cage?

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love how all the girls said yes.


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  • LOL, the Undertaker would bury him alive ;)

    • I highly doubt that. Brock Lesnar's in far better shape

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    • Yeah... I think undertaker should either win or be killed in that cage

    • Right, it could go both way...

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  • Damn!!! I haven't watched wrestling in the longest but Taker looks done bruh. They really still milking him? I don't know who they got on the roster but I just don't Want Cena to do it unless it's heel Cena cause I heard and remember last seeing golden boy Cena and this man is fucking annoying. If they still got Randy Orton, he should do it since he had that "Legend Killer" name thing going. Oh and it should be a buried alive match to solidify Randy "Killing" the legend by putting him 6 ft under

    • John Cena is a woman in the head. That's why everybody hates him. Brock Lesnar is the perfect man to kill The Undertaker imho.

  • The entire professional wrestling community should eat the pipe

    • I think it will after Undertaker and Brock Lesnar leave

  • No, because there's rumors of having a Sting, Undertaker match, at Wrestlemania

    • rumors? Oh please...

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    • Wrong, they've never been "played" out unless you count a completely different time 13 years in the past when Taker didn't even have his deadman gimmick and Cena was just a kid

    • Again, they've done matches, maybe it wasn't when Undertaker wasn't deadman, and Cena was doctor of thuganomics but, sting undertaker has never happened, cena taker has

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