What would be a good budget laptop in your opinion/experience? For office purposes. Details inside?

I have to prepare next year's budget for my area and I require some laptops but I'm clueless as to which are the best ones. This is what they'd usually be used for:

*Easy Excel sheets (simple formulas, no charts, no heavy stuff)
*Little to no Word documents.
*Internet surfing (will go on many e-shop sites, a lot of websites related to fashion)
*Extra software: Printing labels, taking pictures (must have a camera function)
*Will require to have several sites opened at the same time.

*No image of video editing, won't work with audio.

As you can see, it's really just Internet surfing, basically. Of course, it must be cheap and it has to be portable. We will be carrying it around a lot. I've seen some Acer, Gateway, Dell, Lenovo, etc, but I wanna read your opinions.

Thanks y'all.


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  • Chromebook should be able to satisfy your needs...

    • And within that branch would you recommend a brand in particular? I've seen chromebooks from Asus, Acer, Dell, Lenovo... :s

    • Well, I have an HP Chromebook 14. However, in all honesty, I am thinking of going back to a Windows machine but that is for privacy controls reasons. I do not like certain features of Chromebooks which are convenient, but violate privacy if someone else was to see my machine and profile.

      I would actually consider a Microsoft Surface Laptop which is brand new.

      If I was to stick with Chromebooks, the new Toshiba 15 inch is considered good. Really, you have to read reviews because, while you did give rather detailed specifications, you also may have other desires which you didn't document. Actually, if I was to stick with Chromebooks and had $1400 lying around, I'd get the Google Pixel 2015 LS.

      Really, do more research. I wrote more, but just got spanked with a character limit.
      Meanwhile, Go Mets!

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  • For what you need, it sounds like you don't need anything incredible. If you were doing more intensive software, like music, video or photo editing, I would definitely advise a Mac from personal experience of using the same software on both Windows and Macs.

    Considering your use for them, a Mac would be overpriced, over powerful, and just a fashion accessory really.

    I would not go for Acer - Acer are notorious for being unfixable. The problem is, because Acers are sort of... bodged together, finding parts to replace it isn't always as easy as it seems. Once it's broken, it's broken. Or at least that's the case with the old ones.

    I've never heard of Gateway.

    Dell's are reliable... but fixing them is an arseache. I had a Dell Inspirion for my birthday and it was the worst thing I ever bought. It never worked correctly, and in the end I had a new motherboard, 2 new fans, 2 new memory cards, new sound card and graphics card. Then they changed the whole computer. It then had a new motherboard, new fans, new memory cards, new screen, new trackpad, and new keyboard in the space of a year before I FINALLY got a refund and bought a Macbook Pro which has been happily going for 4 years with no issues.

    My dad has a Lenovo and loves it. I used a Lenovo PC for one of my jobs and it was alright - did the job. Wasn't anything special.

    Have you looked at LG and HP? HP make some very good laptops and LG are supposed to be good. Samsung is worth a look too.

    One thing you may want to consider is CD drives - not all laptops have CD drives nowadays and you can get USB CD drives, but it's worth keeping in mind.

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