Does Google Maps edit or alter images?

I Googled my house for fun. In the Google Maps image, there are trees obscuring part of my driveway, and there have never been trees there in that spot. We've had a shed and a pool for 15+ years, the neighbors have had a pool for 6 years. In the maps image, there is neither a shed or pool in our yard, but the neighbors pool is very obviously there. Is it possible that someone wanted our house better hidden, and had the Google image changed? Just wondering. My parents aren't the slightest bit internet or text savvy, and it's highly unlikely that they would have had anything to do with this, or even had known about such a thing as Google street view.

The street view image is time stamped for 2013. My father had had the same car since 2012. The car in the image was sold in 2009. Its also a winter image. There are a few houses just down from me that are only about 10 years old. Their images are stamped 2014, are were clearly taken in the summer.


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  • Be aware that the images can be several years old.

    The only Google Maps image edits I've ever seen were (usually ineffective) automated blurs where the computer tried to conceal text, numbers or faces in Google Street View. Difficult to imagine they would photoshop trees over anything.

    • If the images were older, my neighbor's pool wouldn't be visible. Again, we've had our pool and a shed for over 9 years longer than they've had a pool. And there have never been trees near the end of our driveway; there have been no trees in that spot since the trees were cleared to build the house. In fact, I had a car sitting unused in that spot for several months during the summers for the past 4 years. Considering the neighbors pool is uncovered in the images, and Google itself claims their images are no more than 3 years old, you should also see that car where the extra trees have been added.

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    • I tried to Google the information, but all I could find were tree overlays for custom created user maps, and conspiracy pages for images of military bases and the Whitehouse.

    • I suppose this may be one of life's unanswerable questions. :)

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