What should I add to my survival pack?

I'm planning on survivor the apocalypse. So what should I add? I got this so far.
What should I add to my survival pack?



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  • What apocalypse?


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  • I'm not even sure what some of those things are. But to be honest that doesn't look like the ideal survival kit. I'm not really a survivalist type, but I've spent a fair amount of time outdoors.

    A first aid kit is good. Take a good first aid class to go with it. Just knowing some basics can save someone's life.

    That Life Straw looks nice. How good is it? I'd get a good one, and get more than one.

    That air gun is worthless. NEVER try to bluff someone with a fake gun. Get a real gun and learn how to use it (including a safety class), or don't get one at all. Get plenty of ammo.

    Fire starters are OK. Get a bunch of Bic lighters also. Also a magnifying glass.

    I assume that "power source" is some kind of generator. Be careful with any electronic equipment that says "peak". That's a deceptive term and doesn't mean what you think, unless you know electronics. 1200 amp peak is pretty low power, so don't expect to run much on that.

    Get a good knife or two
    Some basic tools
    Good camping gear, especially cold weather gear
    Rain gear of some type
    Good back pack to carry things
    Can opener
    Something to carry water in
    Light source like LEDs with a supply of batteries
    Where's your food?
    Fishing gear
    Needle and thread, maybe some buttons and show laces
    Portable binoculars

    This is mostly for outdoors. If you are planning on holing up inside, then there are a lot of other things you can get.

    OK I'm tired and that's all for now.


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  • the fuck do you want an airsoft gun for? lol

    and chargers? you're expecting your iphone to work in the apocalypse or something?

    • I don't think I cold carry an actual gun. So something that looks like a gun can provide me a bit protection for those who don't know the difference.

      Some information on cell phones can be useful. And if my charge runs out there's no electricity to charge my phone. This is more of a short term solution though

    • There's these things that hold information... they're called books. And they don't have batteries that die.

      A fake gun for scaring people is just wasted weight. Assuming you wind up on foot, that's wasted space and energy.

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