Help I want to stay in my boyfriends house without my mom finding out any good excuses?

ok so long story short i am hopeing to stay in my boyfriends friends house with him and his friends girlfriend but my mom won't let me stay i can tell her about it so i need to make up an excuse that she will believe i can't say im satying in a well known friends house because she will ring their parents to check we are both over 18 but my mom is quite strict please help :)


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  • Do you have a friend that lives at an apartment by themselves? You could say you're crashing at their place.


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  • I don't think you 'll fool her. I tried it in your age and it didn't work. If you put pillows under your covers, she 'll find them. If you sneak out at night she 'll hear you or she 'll wake up when you're away. If you say you 'll stay at a friend's house, you 'll find out this friend won't want to get involved, your parents will definitely want to talk to your friend or his parents. They will understand it, just from your expression and seeing you getting ready to go. And when they realise you lied, they 'll loose their trust or they 'll think you lied because you were up to no good.


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  • Tell her the TRUTH.
    There's no other way around it.

  • Say a sleep over?

    Movie night?

    College work?

    • not in college still in secondary school/high school

    • I'm from England.

      Oh ok

      Say it is a sleepover with loads of people not just you and him

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