How to not give a shit?

I mean to get away from my self-conscious mind.


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  • Just start with doing what you want to do, that way if if someone questions you like "why are you doing blah subject?" (sorry for the lame example) You have a reason: "it's something I enjoy / because I want to" and from that you'll begin to realise that the only person who's opinion should matter to you is your own... And maybe the person who pays your wifi ;) jk.
    Self-confidence is just about being able to say to yourself im going to do what's right for me and be who I want to be and who cares what people think, they're not me and they don't have to live my life therefore I don't need their opinion.
    Sorry I probably just threw you in the deep end with that but hopefully you can et something out of it :)


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  • Just constantly telling yourself that things don't matter and you dont care. But it's not a good mentality to have all the time (cuz it seems immature)... Sometimes you gotta be a bit reflective and emapathetic


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