Why do people always text you what's up and have nothing to say?

I often get this one, all the time. Usually when I start texting someone I never really say what's up? I usually get straight to the question or what I have to say when I text but 80% of the time and especially guys always say "hey, what's up?" And I reply with something that we can talk about or that he can ask more questions about but usually they text back with something like "damn, nice", or "hahah 😂" and that's it. And then when I do ask them what's up they say "nothing much" and that's the end of the conversation. WHY PEOPLE WHY DO YOU DO THIS? And then they continue on doing so every single damn day. Why why why? What do you get out of this? I find it so awkward.


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  • Omg. Girl. Hsha this post is too real. That's how they are... They will always do that. Ask wyd or say what's up. Then have nothing to say. And if u try to keep a convo they will. Reply single single words. Smh. I guess they bored.. If your on Kik or a dating site a lot of time they send that. To numerous females in their phone to see who will reply
    I start ignoring them now... Until I'm just as bored.


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