How to get rid of a guilty feeling?

yesterday at this party I did something I was against and i feel so ashamed of myself

and to top it all off a speed camera caught me going 50 on a 35 zone to make my night worse

kids don't smoke weed, it's the most stupid thing I've ever done


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What Girls Said 1

  • Just.. Stop

    • oh yea I'm never doing it again, I was right when I said it was stupid and had no point still did it though -_-

    • It's alright, I've done worse things. It's just. A part of growing up, I guess. Learn from your mistakes.

What Guys Said 1

  • By paying the bill they'll send you

    • paying the bill, and then be more alert

    • oh I have that covered I'm talking about the weed part lol

    • You're 18, and a whole life ahead of you. Every day is another chance to change your ways, the sooner you stop, the less days you'll regret the weed.