This guy keeps talking crap to me about something that happened yesterday when I was with my girlfriend, what can I do about it?

I know this is long but any help would do.

I took my girlfriend to our first ever date at a race track. It was open track day and i was driving she was in the passenger seat. This guy infront of me would NOT let me pass him even though i was faster, he kept blocking me which you can't do on open days because it's not compettitve. Anways long story i forcfully overtook him and that caused him to go on the grass a little a bit.

After it was done he came up to me and started to talk shit, then i stated i was faster and for 3 laps he would not move. So ignored it. Later that night he found me on facebook and now says he wants to "fight me". This is guy is an asshole. My girlfriend got scared and this makes me look bad now cause i been dating her for a week. I did nothing wrong to that guy.

What can i do? He says the next time he will see me he will "make me pay" lol. This dude is like in his 30's and i'm 20. He isn't that big so i guess i could take him but i don't want to fight.


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  • Ignore it, you guys are adults now. Assault is a felony crime. If you ever see him again goad him into hitting you with other people around but don't hit him back. Then press charges and he won't bother you any more.

    • i don't want any trouble but it just looked bad cause my girlfriend got scared when he came up to us after the laps. In my mind she might think that going to the track will always cause trouble so she might not want to go again. This has never happened to me before and the very few times i do go, people are nice there and offer advice. This guy had a older viper but clearly didn't know what a racing line was and everyone had to forcefully overtake him. Before you go on to the track they tell you when to move over and that is for faster cars. But he didn't get the message i guess.

    • You can likely file a grievance at the track. I'd look into the rules there and if he continues the harassment I'd threaten him with reporting him to the track and potentially getting his privileges suspended. You can also report his threats to police. At some point just tell him you aren't going to fight him and that he needs to get over it. Then offer to settle the dispute with a track official.

    • If he does do anything then i'll let him know (any further actions). Thanks