My dad keeps calling me fat but not supporting me to lose weight, this has made me really depressed and feel like im worthless, now what?

I really do want to lose weight frst off and have tried 5 times before and because of him i failed. He kept making fat comments and this and that. He said i will never have a girlfriend and no girl will like me. This has been going on for 7 years now and i have low self-esteem. I don't get out the house very much because i always think that everyone who looks at me will make a fat joke.

I'am not obese but do have to lose weight, i tried to but the constant making fun of has really left me depressed.

Girls is it true even if i'am on the big side, but am nice to you and treat you right... would you go out with me or only look at my size, or even simply to just hangout?

any others?


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  • I would go out with you, I'm skinny as can be but I've had boyfriends who were on the heavier side, my most recent X boyfriend was on the overweight side and we were in a relationship for 2 years (it didn't end because of weight issues). You dad is not a nice, considerate person. Do not listen to him or his opinion of youanymore, or at least try harder not to take it to heart however you could possibly manage that because you can still get a girlfriend if you want that, even if you're overweight, and you can always lose weight-it's totally possible... the only thing is, in order for you to lose weight you need to stop listening to your dads comments altogether. He is not helping you at all. So either don't listen to him when he makes then, maintain a higher belief in yourself so that when he says those things it doesn't affect you, or literally tell him to stop saying those things to you (the word choice and such is totally up to you). Most of all, BELIEVE IN YOURSELF :) this will help you a lot

    • i did tell him to stop many times but he won't. Believing in myself is tough but i will try. Thanks for the long comment, i do appreciate it.

    • You're welcome, also some of the comments below are helpful as well :)

    • yes they are, thanks again :)

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  • Girls don't date nice guys. Treat them with a sense of decorum but don't bend over backwards for them. Anyway, focus on losing fat and stop eating the terrible junk foods. Don't even buy it or even look at them. You can look up HIIT routines to work on melting fat. Drink more water. Start lifting weights. Have friends help you.


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  • My dad was the same bro..

    Look at it this way... Wounder what he thinks of himself if he has it negitively judge you.. His own child... Whos a shit lot
    Younger then him

    People will judge you regardless of your weight

    So loss weight for you.. Not him

    Starting judging him too