What fattening food do you want to eat with no regrets?

personally this is my choice:
what fattening food do you want to eat with no regrets?


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  • Well, I was born in THE country of chocolate, which can be seen as a nice thing but can also be quite challenging sometimes if you happen to have a sweet tooth like I do. Unsurprisingly, Swiss people eat on average more chocolate than anyone else in the world because our chocolate is just simply superb (don't mean to brag but I've lived in America and sorry, it's really not comparable ;-)). I don't even need to have it made into a cake or a dessert or something like that. I would already be happy to just by the normal chocolate bars at the store (we have a huge variety) and eat them like that. Once in a while I do that but I can't do it too often for obvious reasons. I would though, if I could. Another thing I really love and could eat all the time are donuts. The best donuts I've had so far were some I ate in America (of course). The ones here in Switzerland are only mediocre, which is perhaps a good thing because I'm already on the border of being chubby. There's just too many yummy things out there...


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