Help! How do I find this guy?

So i have a crush on a guy that works on a shopping center for a year and people know it but i was never brave enough to tell him because i dont know him that well at all but we were always staring at eachother

Now i don't see him for 2 weeks and i think he's no longer working there.. but i want to know his phone number because i want to know him better. How can i find him? Is it too bad that i ask his workmates?
Don't tell me to quit on him cause that's not in my plans


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  • Google him? See if he is on facebook?

    • I dont know his name xD

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    • Ok thanks a lot you really helped me making a decision! :D

    • Good. Like I said, better to feel some chagrin than to kick yourself for the rest of your life. And to encourage you, here is a song that demonsrtates that regret:
      I occasionally dream about a girl I knew in High School that I lost touch with 30 years on. I think of what might have been, if I had just been more active with my feelings.

  • Well, what else can you do besides ask his workmates?


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