How can I help my best friend with his depression?

He's too far away for me to do any of the practical things I'd really like to to just help with his life on an everyday level. He's stressed out with college stuff, and his depression seems to be getting bad again although I had thought he'd been doing better in the last couple of months. I really love him and I hurt for him when he says he hasn't been happy since he was a tiny child and doesn't want to live.

I'm always, always here for him. But sometimes I feel like I'm not saying the right things, and he's not feeling heard. Or I'm putting pressure on him to talk to me when he's busy and stressed with other stuff..

Does anyone have any advice on how to help him feel better?

If you've been depressed, was there anything anyone did that helped, or that you wish they'd done?
What would be constructive to say?


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  • Spend more time hanging out, watching movies or eating at restaurants. Talking about problems nonstop is actually counterproductive. Instead of trying to help him deal with his problems through introspection help him forget his problems by giving him something else to think about.


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