Working a dead end job has smashed my game and ability to connect with people to nothing! Help?

I had a very well respected job, that was technical and highly elite. Now I'm working a dead end job that's normally reserved for the mentally challenged. There's no stimulation in the job at all, and I'm smarter than most of the management, and it's emotionally draining.

I've really dove into studying, my hobbies and triathlons. I've turned into a type-A workaholic. And generally I'm a competitive asshole now. The only reason I team train is to beat the guys I'm training with.

I used to be really charming, great with women, and really well liked. Now if women stare or smile, I instinctively look away instantly (though a year ago breaking eye contact first took effort, no matter who it was). Now I just can't be bothered smiling back.

Since I've become a serious, competitive, selfish asshole... How can I return to how I was before? I always had a reputation of being warm hearted. Now I'm focused on myself and don't have any mental or emotional space for others. Help! I'll see attractive women who like me, but my game has been smashed to pieces, so I don't have the desire to connect with them.


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  • Try to make conversations with some them, that might help you.


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