How do I tell my parents that I may have a anxiety disorder?

So all my friends are saying I might have an anxiety disorder due to how much I worry even about the smallest things and they get mad at me when I talk about it cause I talk about it "too much" and I tend to get a little rude about it sometimes even though I don't intend to be. I feel so bad and feel like I'm just lost and that I have no control over my feelings anymore. I want to tell my parents about it... But I'm too afraid. I know they'd be understanding. But I just need as much advice as I can get right now...
thank you.


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  • Tell them you need to talk to them then sit them down and tell them. Make sure you have answers to any questions the could ask you and plan out what you're going to say beforehand. Try not to be afraid to tell them, your parents care about you and will want to support you.