Is it rude to continuously offer someone something you KNOW they dislike?

Example 1:

Say you're having a dinner and you invite people over. You know that 4/5 people at dinner eat/like pie, and #5 does not. You know #5 does not like pie & they've stated it to you on multiple occasions (over the past 30 years). You choose to serve pie anyway.

Now, in this example, it's rude to eat something in front of someone without offering them any, however, you did make your selection knowing that it was something #5 disliked.

At the time #5 is offered the pie, they politely decline and state (once again) thatt they do not like pie.

Say for this scenario that you do (obviously) like pie.

1) Is it wrong for you to do this continuously (serve pie) when you invite #5 over? Keep in mind that #5 may or may not be the only person you invite over (on mulitple different occasions).
2) Is it wrong for #5 to get annoyed by you constantly offering them pie?

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Example 2:

Your friend does NOT like dogs. You know this. Is it rude for you to invite them over to your house (multiple times) and ask them if they want to play with/pet your dog (every time)?

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  • Well it's certainly annoying.