What's a good gift I can get for my sister after she unexpectedly cried when she heard I was moving out. What gift should I get her?

Me and my sister always fight about 70% of the time. In January i'm a moving out for school out of our town. I finalized it last night and my parents told me sister. I though she would be happy but instead i found her crying in her room and i was very suprised since she's the first one time make fun of me. She said some nice heartwarming things to me and i want to get her a gift.

I was wondering what would be a good gift? I'am 20, she is 18.


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  • You never in life with some strife here, dear, how even a family member feels about you deep down, even though they may act like a clown towards you or don't seem to care nor share.
    Now that the cat is out of the bag and she has shown her true colors, get her something special that he can always remember you by, like an adorable Stuffed animal which she can cuddle when you are away, and maybe a locket or a bracelet or a watch that she can Wear and remember you as well in every way every day.
    Good luck and my blessings, be safe. xxoo

    • i was thinking of getting a picture frame and us 2 taking a picture together. also i think a big stuffed bear or like a locket would be a good idea too.

      Thanks :)

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    • we kind of have that rivalry thing lol, but i was surprised when i heard her crying in her room, i though she was going to be happy i was going, but she told me that she would be so sad cause i always guide her to do the right things (she likes to get a bit crazy lol) and she even said i was her role model which made me very surprised. We get into fight over the smallest things like for example who would use the car, and so on, but i really do care for her and i will miss her too actually.

    • It happens in the Best of the Rest of families and even with my own siblings, no matter what disagreements or even No one is talking, in the end, we are all friends... Nice story, tank you for sharing. xxoo

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  • Get her a nice picture frame with a picture of you and her.

    • i was thinking that too

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  • She is ur sister, u should know what she likes... get her something that will make her think of u :) something she can look at or use when she misses u that will cheer her up...

    • lol the last time we took a pic together was almost 2 years ago. I been busy with school (transferring from my current one) and other things so we don't get much time together really. I just pick her up from school and that's it. I'am not sure what she like lol. I was thinking maybe a picture frame and then we can take a pic of us 2 and maybe buy her some type of make up thing. i have no clue what make up she likes but maybe her friends know

    • That sounds like a good idea. The picture frame sounds the best!! She'll love it!

    • yeah i will prob get one soon

  • Photo collage of you two.

    I would really like that.

    Also, a note or a card.😊

    • Well we need to take more photos lol. I was thinking getting her a picture frame with photo's of us 2. Also i would do a card and a gift like make up or something. I have no clue what make up she uses but something along those lines or maybe a big stuffed bear. I'm still a bit surprised she cried cause we argue almost all the time. I'am actually going to miss her :(

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    • Dude, I don't know. I find all of this emotional.😊😊

      Well, enjoy the last few days with your sister 😎

      Keep in touch with her through Skype or something.

    • haha i will keep in touch. Have a happy Thanksgiving ) if you're from canada)

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  • Chocolete sounds like reality just smacked to her 8n 5he face and it might have been a bad time of the month for that