Is there really such a thing as an Ugly Woman? And if so are they treated as badly as they claim to be?

Hello everyone been away from almost a year:) (studies lol)

Last few weeks I have been lurking on reddit and have seen many posts about women who claim they are ugly and how badly they are treated by men and scoiety. They claim that they are ignored and treated with disdain and contempt by everyone aroud them. Now I have never realised it to be so bad but the way these women describe it really seem so. They say that if they can't be seen to have asthetic value then they are tossed aside. Many of them complain about how they can't get a boyfriend or even just normal male friends and feel like the ugly friend of their female group.

However are these women really as ugly as they think or is it some issue that can be treated like depression, being obese, bad fashion sense, lack of hygeine or just bad self esteem or image? Do you guys think there are some women out there who are truly ugly or do you think there is an underlying issue there?

Please feel free to share your opinions, however controversial they may seem. It's always good to hear from Everyone.


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  • Some women are ugly and at that point, they are like men. They must depend on themselves and work and get an education.

  • Feel bad for saying this but I think there are naturally ugly women. Very very hard to find but they exist. Many more that give an ugly feel because of their negativity towards themselves.


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