Was I too harsh? Will he be back?

Long story short. I was being played. BAD. My ex boyfriend was living a double life and I was the side chick. Anyways, while we were together he fell in love with me but he broke it off because he was with another girl and was with her for YEARS they even have kids together. He said to me he's sorry and that it was all his fault he was being selfish with me. Then he tried to explain to me that im an amazing woman. I forgave him and i wanted to remain friends (He did too) but i think his woman has told him to cut me off. She hasn't confronted me at all about the situation and I have not told her what happened although I think she already knows. I was told to email her on facebook and let her know what happened. but i didn't. I had no idea he was with her and had children because his facebook said he was single (SILLY ME) anyways. Im not about to be the homewrecker. Anyways i purposely burned that bridge between me and him for my own sanity lol and my own reputation. I mean all those months of talking to him i thought he was single. I even spend over 300 dollars to go visit him because he lives in a different state than i do. after i went to visit him out of state is when he ended things and I found out he was with her. Talk about pissed off. I mean I told him he didn't deserve me at all, I even asked a psychic if he hates me now because i said some pretty mean stuff to him! I told him they were perfect for each other they are both ugly as fuck. And theyre probably both peices of shit. This was all after he stop responding to my texts. I got mad as hell. lol but I did it on purpose. The psychic said he doesn't hate me he's moved on and hopes I will find better things and that i will move on too. You think the apology was sincere? Me and him have a history together but him and her do too. So this was a tough one. Should I forgive him? Im still upset and a psychic told me it will be about 8 weeks before I finally accept that he won't be in my future.


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  • You fell for a guy on fb without ever having seen him and you made up this imaginary bf/gf relationship in your mind and once you visited him you found out he was not what he pretended to be?
    Sorry but that's silly. He was just killing time talking to you. He never intended to even see you and that's why he talked to someone in another state to prevent running into each other or setting up a date. You mran nothing to him. Move on.

    • we went to high school together its not like he was a complete stranger we just haven't seen each other since we were in high school.

    • Still. He doesn't care about you.

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