What's wrong with my family?

I'm Turkish. We lost 95 civilians in a bombing yesterday, and 2 policemen today, 97 in total this weekend. I feel physically sick and depressed for not being able to do anything because I'm a minor. But my family (mom, step-dad, step-sister who is 19) sit and watch TV with unchanged expressions, making puns and talking about desserts. When called my mom out on how they stay so reactionless she called me crazy and told me "Is it my fault if they died?" 97 people... Ninety seven. Why am I the only one who can understand the weight of this?


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  • Every three seconds, a child below the age of 16 somewhere on the planet dies due to malnutrition. That's around 28,800 children every single day. Let alone all the other people who die due to wars, crime, disease, accidents... do you feel physically sick for those people too?

    P. s. Are you the one who insulted me really badly a few weeks ago? There are so many Turkish teenagers on here who are all hiding behind their anonymous buttons.

    • I remember an argument with you, but it's been more than a few weeks. What was it about?

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    • I don't know. I don't know you so I can't judge...

    • 🐮🐮🐮🐮

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  • People are very, very desensitized. What happened is very sad and it's nice that you're empathetic enough to care, and understand that something horrible has happened and try and process the people's pain that is felt so close to home. There would probably be a lot less evil in the world if everybody cared enough about bad things happening as you do.
    However, it's almost a survival instinct. We just can't possibly care about every single person. It's just not possible, too many atrocities happen everyday. But, as long as you don't stay NEUTRAL about it you're alright. Processing how horrible it is is healthy rather than thinking "oh well", but also understand that we'd all be very depressed if we focused on all the terrible things happening in the world, personally I try and ignore it because I just wouldn't be able to cope if I actually thought about it all the time.

    • I know that a lot of people die everyday, but this isn't a natural death. This was murder committed against our people and the worst terror attack in our history. I don't understand how can a Turk feel nothing over this. Murders and bombings happen a lot, yes, but we've never lost 97 people, 95 of them civilians, in a single weekend. You'd it think it would mean something.

    • Yeah, it's horrible :(

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  • Because death has become "normal". Now you have news, tv and internet. Deaths occur everytime, and people just "got used" to it. If it's near your town, you may be a little shocked (but nor for long). If it's not, then people just tend to ignore it, like they ignore all the other accidents and general news.

    You know it happened, but there's not much you can do about it


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  • because thousands die every day... it's nothing new.

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