Do you believe in the paranormal? have you ever had a paranormal experience?

I do. I know for a fact there are things that have yet to be explained by science, and as a student of science I approach these things with an open mind. open to the evidence presented to me, as long as it is credible.

I've also had more than a few paranormal experiences, from ghost sightings to ufo sightings.

As a child, I used to see an old man that no one else could see on a daily basis. One vivid memory i have is being by myself in the living room playing with my duplo blocks (over sized lego) and being scared of the old man who was sat in the corner of the room, watching me. I was probably about 4 years old, so went into the kitchen and told my mum. of course, she couldn't see him.

I would also see him on family outings and one particular time we were walking through the forest, when I said to my mum "the old man is over there, and he has his wife and dog with him". to this day I can still picture it, and I remember that his dog was a black labrador.

My childhood imagination? maybe, but he seemed so real to me.

another experience I remember is when I was a teenager. we were living at my grandparents house, looking after my grandad following the death of my nan. I share my b'day with my auntie, and I happened to also have her old bedroom. On the eve of my b'day I woke up to see an old lady watching me from outside the window. I told this to my dad in the morning, and he said his sister had seen the same thing when she was younger.

Coincidence? maybe i over heard the story at some point and dreamt it? quite possibly. however, it seemed so real, and i swear i was awake.

Finally, as im running out of room here, but my mum and I saw a UFO one night which cannot be explained. It was a bright star like object that was "dancing" in the sky. it was going back and forth, up and down, making turns that no aircraft could make. We watched it for a few minutes and it disappeared. Whats interesting about this, is that there were 2 witnesses, ruling out hallucinations.

You may brush these aside as hallucinations or an overactive imagination, and that's fine. i can't provide evidence to counter this argument besides the fact that it seemed real to me. However, this raises an interesting question that has yet to be answered.

UFO and ghost sightings are seen by millions of people every year, world wide. these phenomenons span continents and cultures, and as such lead us into an interesting psychological debate. if it isn't real, what causes it?


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  • I think there is a paranormal world humans can't see. I used to doubt it long time ago until I have seen some of it. There are also individuals that deal with that world. I don't believe what people call "ghosts" are the souls of the dead though. I understand their concept differently.

    • please explain. Id love to hear your take on it.

    • For me, I believe "ghosts" are not the souls of the dead; they are just other creatures that live in what the string theory call, "extra dimensions." Sometimes they appear in the form of humans (and that is what you saw and I saw) or even animals.

      If you want to know about what I experienced, I can message you.

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  • Hmm not really, the most 'out there' belief I have is that there is life elsewhere in the universe... when you realise I mean it might be amoebas or bacteria it sounds less exciting, but who knows. Beyond that, things like ghosts or poltergeists etc? Nah, everything is explainable it just needs looking into.


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  • There are many unexplained things, so I do not disbelieve it but I'm not exactly a big believer in the paranormal. Anything is possible. The multiverse theory is interesting to me, and someone brought up a reason for paranormal possibly existing in one of the multiverses.


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