On FB if I just like or comment on my bf' any post then my boyfriend immediately remove that post? Why?

Now I'm always sure before liking or commenting on his any post that after my like or comment on his post this post will be no longer present. Why he removes?


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  • I don't think he removed the post. I think he set the privacy of his post to "allow friends to see except for you".

    Reason: He does not want you to cock block other women who are potentially interested in him.

    Think about it: when girls screen guys, she will try to figure out if he is a player by observing how many women does he have contact with. If the figures are higher, than the probability that he is a player is higher.

    What you can do to find out is to set up a ghost account, somehow add your boyfriend and see if that post is still there or not.

    • Sometimes he does not removes his posts he just remove my comments from his posts, but he does not remove any person's comments except me but my comments he always deletes. Why?

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