What Picture do you think describes a Countries personality?

I think this represents the USA the best because the US tends to piss other countries off nonstop and the use can be considered the Troll country

What Picture do you think describes a Countries personality?
Share a Picture that is a good representation of a countries Personality and share why it represents that country


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  • That hasn't been my experience at all, and I've been all over the world. Have you even left the US? Maybe you should stop watching CNN and travel a bit before you speak to how the world views your nation.

    • i have left the US a lot actually

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    • Well, I haven't met many people in Japan that hate us. Quite the opposite. The other two are communist nations which ave it indoctrinated into them. Everywhere I've been most people love us, even in Iraq where I work a lot and deal with the public everyday, and have for years most people are thankful for the "US being heroes" and throwing Saddam out. Kinda funny how everyone bitches about everything we do. If we don't intervene like in Darfur then we are heartless ass holes, if we do then we are arrogant hero wannabes and empire builders such as what we get called for our efforts in Iraq, or we don't do enough to suit people, such as our efforts in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The media and leftists bitch and whine till we leave places like the Philippines and Haiti but as soon as a natural disaster happens such as Mount Pinatubo or the earth quake in Haiti we are supposed to hop on planes and dump billions of US tax payer dollars into the mess we were just yelled at to get out of

    • Then the US gets bitched at by the liberals for using people like me, Private Military Contractors to ensure the safety of relief efforts and US personnel and VIPs bit the military is stretched too thin to do it because the forces have been cut back so drastically by the same liberals who bitch because we use Security Contractors. Libs need to crap or get off the pot.

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