Guys would you be ashamed to date a girl like this aka me?

I'm 17, graduated high school a year early, and I'm going to school for a bachelors in computer and electrical engineering. Eventually I want to earn my forensics certification so I can work with cyber crimes. I'm really hard working. I work 8-10 hour days as a barista and commute 1-2 hours a day to and from to work. I really love music; Rick James, Michael Jackson, wu tang clan, artic monkeys, electric guest, just to name a few bands. I work 4 days a week and the other 3 days I go to school. I'm part islander and I have a huge family. I have 52 first cousins on my dads side and too many aunts and uncles. It really is crazy. I just moved out of state for college. I consider myself very compassionate, I love nature and animals. I'm a vegetarian and I love volunteering. Eventually I want to volunteer abroad in Africa (mid twenties).
Im only asking I guess because I feel a little insecure. Im a little dorky but I think I'm awesome. I have never had a boyfriend in my life except for those ones In elementary school that lasted for two weeks.
I seriously love to read and journal and write. It's a hobby of mine. I have so many journals filled with stuff I've accumulated across time lol.

Guys the question is if you'd be ashamed of me


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  • As soon as you said you're a vegetarian I decided that my answer was no, I wouldn't date you, but everything else is great.

    • Hahahahahahah XD I just went recently but thanks

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    • Hahah that's funny. Honestly I don't think I could </3 I love animals and have to much moral respect for them I don't know. I view it differently. You could probably grill me some vegetables or tofu though :P

    • 😝BLECH!😝 No way

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  • You lost me at 'Rick James'

    I'm sorry, you sound like a great girl, but I can't

    • I have a very broad music taste :P but XD thank you hahaha

    • The question is if you'd be ashamed of me though :/ honestly I'm doing so well for someone my age so I don't know.

    • Alright, all jokes aside. You seem very grown up for your age, so guys who 17 might have a hard time connecting with you but an older guy, maybe college age, would find it easier. I dont know which you would prefer though.

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