Are there Funny things you do that you never knew anyone else did?

I'm going to list a few funny things i do that i never thought other people did but they do.

1 Pretend your microwave is a bomb

2 Stalk peoples facebook pictures

3 Steal hotel condiments

4 Put on your headphones but don't play music so no one would talk to you

5 Fall dead asleep on the bus

6 Use your hands as fighting characters

7 Be scared to close your eyes because you think there will be a killer there when you open them

8 Pretend we are single infront of our class/school

9 Stay in the bathroom until your class ends

10 Stare at your crush when they aren't looking

11 pretend your crush confessed their love to you

12 Wish anything happened so you didn't have to go to school

13 Put your feet in the air or up against something when texting/calling

14 Wish we could impress the students at our school

15 Talk and torture toys/stuffed animals trying to make them talk (especially after watching toy story)

16 Walk a round or get naked when you're alone so you can feel free

17 Cuddle wiwth pets/pillows etc

18 Act way more active over text

19 See our crushes 20x better than what they actually look

20 Finish our favorite shows and don't know what to do with life anymore
If you liked the list please tell me what you liked the most i ran an out of things to put so if you have anything i missed please comment it

8: singing*


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