Would you think an actor is dumb if she said this?

She thought that Machhu Picchu was in Brazil.

Now, to be fair, I knew that it wasn't in Brazil, but I couldn't recall what country it was in. I looked it up and it was Peru.

She's a 30-year old well travelled actor, how does she not know this?


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  • It would depend. If someone just asked them where it was and they didn't know I wouldn't think it indicated anything much. On the other hand if they were talking about Machhu Picchu and hadn't bothered to inform themselves to the extent of even knowing it's location then I would think they were a fool if not stupid.

    • It was the latter. She briefly mentioned it, I think she was trying to sound smart.

    • The most amusing example of this I saw was a comedian, i think it was Arsenio Hall, making a lame joke about the incoherence of the lyrics of the song 'Yankee Doodle'. Specifically the line "Stuck a feather in his hat and called it macaroni". If he had bothered to consult a decent dictionary beforehand he'd have discovered at the time the song was composed 'macaroni' was foppish or elaborately fashionable dress.

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  • Wait, you didn't know where it was either...

    To be fair, people from certain nationalities are quite famous for being ignorant of things outside their own country.
    Many don't even know things outside the city they live in, or can remember what they had for lunch.

    I'm only surprised when people actually know stuff.


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  • No, I wouldn't think she was dumb. Few people anywhere in the world could say, off the top of their head, where Machu Picchu is. Only a minority of people would even know it's in South America.

    Uneducated (in any particular subject or area) is not the same, by any means, as "dumb."

  • Well maybe she was bad at geography subject.

    • I don't know if dumb is the right word. Probably just badly educated.

    • It happens. The only people who actually knows more about geography are politicians. greedy bastards..

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