Why do gay youtubers feel the need to make coming out videos?

I don't care if they're gay or not but I don't find it necessary to tell the entire world that.


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  • I'm not a youtuber or lesbian for that matter, but I feel like, especially in the youtube community, a lot of people begin to idolize them and look up to them. But then they also get a lot of backlash and backhanded comments about who they are etc.

    But within that, I feel it's kind of comforting to have a lot of support from random people, who like you for what you put out there artistically and what not. So maybe in an effort to feel closer to their supporters and have that weight lifted off their shoulder, they post a coming out video.

    They probably feel like they are telling people who have supported them (in which case they are if they are subscribed as, if I'm not mistaken, subscribers and views=pay) and will continue to support them so there is no reason to keep it hidden from these people. And it might be less nerve racking doing it virtually, then in front of someone where the can lash out to your face and immediately.

    I don't know tho, I'm just guessing.

    • I like your answer so far. Giving you a mho.
      But still kinda annoys me to see a HUGE amount of coming out videos online.

    • I have to wait for 24 more hours to give a mho by the way.

    • Thanks aha :)

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  • i think it just means a lot to them to share that part of themselves with others. they do it more for themselves than for you.

  • The same reason people with no youtube accounts come out to their families and friends: it gives you the freedom you need to live your life. It makes you feel good to let people know and not hide it anymore.

    "I don't find it necessary to tell the entire world that." that's most likely because you're straight and don't feel the need to share your sexual orientation because people already assume you're what you are.

    Some straight people take it for granted, same with some gay or bisexual people who didn't need to come out because they grew up in an unusual (but awesome) family who made it easy for them, but for some people in the lgbt community who have had to hide who they really were and who they really liked, it feels necessary to come out to everyone around you and for youtubers, that includes their audience.


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  • I don't know but I find it ridiculous and a waste of space much like most of the crap online, no gives a crap not really.

    • I agree. I couldn't care less about them being gay or not. Just type 'coming out' on the youtube search, you can find like thousands of videos about it. I'm not even exaggerating.

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    • nevermind. i read your comment wrongly

    • I thought you said "not gonna believe you". Sorry :)

  • Because it's a way of lightening what is still, even though progress has been made, an enormous burden for most young people; and because it can potentially help other young people not to feel so alone and afraid. It's both a celebration of honesty and self-acceptance, and a public service.

  • I totally agree, why should anyone care.

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