What is/was the most stressful semester in college?

I'll be done towards this late Dec. but I have to admit, I've been more stressed out with this final semester.

I'm feeling better now that I'm almost done with 3 long research assignments and only 1 left to go. I was stressed out to the point of having a headache and not sleeping my hours for ongoing days.


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  • the semester I graduated. i didn't know what i was going to do. it all worked out i actually got a job weeks before i graduated that was well paying but man the few months before that i was terrified. the second most stressful semester i ever had was when i took quantum mechanics, computational chemical modeling, organo-metallic synthesis, virology and a womens studies class. man those women were assholes i couldn't take the circle jerk stupidity in that class.


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  • All of them? Lol smh. No, the semester when I took 19 credits was pretty intense. I had the last level of my Math classes, a Statistics class, and Accounting that semester so I was beyond in over my head.


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  • This is the most stressful semester. I'm having health issues. it's my last semester!

    • yeah I think it's the fact that you can't wait to get it done and over with and finally take your rest

    • I'm also done this upcoming December so I know how it feels!! Good luck girly! ☺️

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