Guys, What Are Things Girls Do That You Find Cute/Adorable?

Not Sexual. I mean adorable and cute things, not hot. It could be something we find embarrassing that you guys find cute/adorable or obvious ones. (Unexpected ones prefered though.) Have a nice day :)!


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  • the way she wiggles and rubs her nose after a sniffle. and how its a feint of red because she got the sickies :P

    • sickies? XP

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    • I just don't know why people suddenly start using the "cutesy" vocab oh God it just makes me gag typing that. "Sickies".

    • @DarkHumorRUs sorry if it bothers you, its not your thing and you find it repulsive. however, lashing out at me solves nothing.

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  • Biting nails when in a serious conversation, trying hard to seem interested when the conversation is utterly boring, the weird gave they make even they see a baby

  • Everything. Ya know.

    • Oh I got one, when she gets mad at me and hits my arm.

    • I do that to every guy I get mad at or if I want to prove that I'm tough... so far I've only failed :P, THOUGH I'M SOLELY NOT A PLAYER IF YOU THINK I AM JUST BECAUSE I DO THAT TO EVERY GUY, anyways Thank You :)

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