Guys, Do You Prefer Feminine/Seductive Girls?

Please answer the following:

-Feminine/Seductive for a long term relationship? (e. g: 4-7 years relationship, engaged, marriage)
**** { Bonus: could you please explain why? :)****
-Feminine/Seductive for a short term relationship? (e. g: __ night-stands, casual dating, dating, 1-3 months relationship.)

*When I say feminine / seductive, I mean personality/behaviour wise.*

Examples to show the difference between feminine/seductive.

Feminine is NOT girly, by feminine personality and behaviour I mean: Body Language is graceful, shy and reserved at first, speaks softly and not loudly, feminine behaviour is found more cute than hot to guys I'm guessing.

Seductive. DO NOT mistake seductive with Tomboy, they are different. By seductive, I mean confident, sexualising, speaks with a deep and husky tone. Not so reserved, neither shy. Seductive behaviour is found more hot than cute to boys I assume.

(You can read articles about the two different female behaviour types if you want to).


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