Have you ever took a stand for something?

Has there ever been a time when you took a stand for or against something which resulted in your no longer being associated with that person or group? If not, what could you conceiveably imagine being
something that would make you step over the line of comfort and complacency and take a stand for or against something?

I, myself never took a stand but if I did, I think it would have to be because I am just blatantly disrespected or treated unfairly. Maybe, like at work. Sometimes I feel like it's so catty and childish. At times I feel like I'm in high school again. I can do non-stop work but then I feel as though I'm not getting the credit I deserve. I feel like my work is never good enough.
Anyways, how about you?


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  • My Stand: I will not attempt a relationship with a woman who has a past that I deem promiscuous. Non negotiable.


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  • Not publivally

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