What type of people are the most difficult to reason with - from your point of view?

Which one of them are the most quarrelsome in your opinion?

  • Racists
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  • Nationalists
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  • Religious Fanatics / Fundamentalists
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  • Ethnic Extremists
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  • Male Chauvinists / Patriarchal Conservatives
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  • Feminazis / Matriarchal Radicals
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  • Radical Environmentalists / Ecoterrorists
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Most Helpful Girl

  • I'd say religious fundamentalists. I guess that with all the others it's a personal belief, you're defending something that you believe. With religion, it's not just something you believe, but it's something that you've been told to believe by someone you think is infinitely powerful. I guess that makes you harder to reason with if you think what you're doing is divine than if you can at least have the doubt there because of human flawed logic.


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What Girls Said 1

  • People who don't have balls or no spine AT ALL.. Are you one of those anonymous trolls here?

    • No, Im' not, but it seems that you are...

What Guys Said 3

  • All of them fall under the same category, narrow minded people. Narrow minded people are impossible to reason with.

  • The ones that lack basic common sense. Which is more common than you'd think. .. most people have no concept of cause and effect and tend to live with the gear stick on auto pilot.

    Youl meet people from all perspectives with the above. .. then you'll meet other people that are so arrogant that they don't care to change their minds. They're not truth searchers. They're people that came to one conclusion and don't care to change it

  • Alcoholics. If you try to reason with one, it's like, really? You're an alcoholic, why can't you admit you need help?

    • Right, alcoholics are really unreasonable people...