Does he avoid me because he likes me or is it the opposite?

I know this question has been asked before and I thought I knew the answer but now I am not so sure. The reasons why I would think it is because he likes me is because he acts like a shy guy when they like a girl (even though he isn't shy with anyone else) This involves staring, getting nervous/flustered, etc. He has said hi to me sometimes but other times he will flat out avoid me. The reason why I don't think it is because he likes me is because he has a girlfriend. Oh and by the way he has been acting this way around me since before his girlfriend and still acts this way now.

  • He avoids you because he may like you or does like you
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  • He avoids you for some other reason and/or possibly doesn't like you
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  • Could be either or, really. I have avoided girls because they reminded me of someone n the past I didn't like

    • Did you still take every opportunity to stare at them from afar when she wasn't looking.

    • nahhhhh

    • well in my case that is what he does

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