What do you take from this song?

I have put this in others as I want you take on this song and the meaning behind it.


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  • That you can just walk into the MUSICIAN'S GENERAL STORE ( https://www.musiciansgeneralstore.com/ ) and buy a piano and push it out the front door.

    Also, Piano's are easy to push around Brooklyn by yourself.

    And.. if you have a piano in the street, you will make a shit ton of friends.

    oh.. and while he loves her.. he knows she is better off without him.. and wants her to let go of him and live her life to the fullest.. don't let him be the anchor of her failure.


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  • I think it's a couple being together. But the guy feels that it isn't working out. So he leaves her. He still loves her, but it won't work out, so he'll ask her to let him go, she deserves happiness.
    He doesn't like doing this, he'll need to get used to it, but he knows it's the best for her, because even though he leaves her, he still loves her.

    Leaving a loved one, so she can find happiness.

    Nice song btw!

    • will let you know once more have answered if I get a fair amount

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    • that's why I was asking we all see music in different ways.
      sorry wasn't trying to be a dick

    • Never saw you as being mean towards me ^^

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