Which sexual thing are you?


You got: Saxophone Guy
What’s that sound? It’s so sensual. It’s some dude playing saxophone! You have reached the highest level of smooth jazz and there’s no coming down from here. You are everything.
Which sexual thing are you?
Haha I like this result. Hope it means I like things smooth and sensual. Cause otherwise I don't know what to make of it xD


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  • You got: Sexy Santa

    Oh no! It looks like you’ve been naughty! Or maybe nice? It actually doesn’t matter. Sexy Santa is coming down your chimney and he’s not wearing a shirt. He forgot to wear one.


    BUTTTT my dog is gonna attack him anyways 😂😂😂

    • hahaha

      Serves him right for going into a stranger's house in such minor atires hahahaha xD

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    • Aww thank you so much! <3

    • Just telling the truth. No prob

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