If you have to pick between manziel and Jay cutler, who would you draft as your qb?

I don't think they suck at all as bad as people make em sound like but I am kinda stuck under em so just take a pic and maybe give a reason. Also why this thing don't have sports column?


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  • Manziel, he's a bit more flashy and I'd convince another team he has potential, just doesn't fit into my offense program and trade the overrated fucker.

    • Do that for crapernick please

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    • Lmao you have misc lingo mastered bruh, Mirin.
      Would not pick manziel elbowstoopointy/10

    • Srs. Watched that game where he juked jets defense and flicked for 54 td? It was pretty solid but he mentioned in some interview he won't throw dollar signs. Guess what he did after 54 yards throw? Threw dollar signs, mlao

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  • Cutler. At least he plays. After McKnown threw for 457 yards last week it's going to be Johnny benchwarmer.

    • Lol This guy is turning to be Ryan leaf and yea cutlers been doing good compared to what he used to do

  • Cutler cause manziel isn't even starting. (Thinking of fantasy football)

    • Madden cards, I am still confused. They both are available in elites now lmao I'd never picj manziel for ff, He's too unpredictable for that shit