Can someone be an atheist without a reason?

Like all my atheists friends they got a reason or scientific explainition so they have a reason or they can be atheist coz they believe that god would be unfair and etc , and other reasons but can someone be an atheist just with no reason like if u ask him why he will answer just like that no reason is that possible?


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  • It correctly should be termed. *Is it possible to be a non religion believer for no reason*.. Yes it does make sense. If you are in a position in the first place that you don't care for a religious beliefs that you are ok to be an atheist then that yeah you can be.

    • So this person don't want to belive in relgion so he is considered an atheist?

    • Well technically yeah. Do you want yourself to be labeled as atheist?

    • It's not me I was just wondering 😂

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  • I need reasons to believe in something. I don't need reasons to not believe in something. There are millions of things I don't believe are real -- ghosts, unicorns, leprechauns, Zeus, Odin, Satan, Santa Claus, the Tooth Fairy, astrology, it's a really long list. God is just another thing on that list. There are also lots of things I believe are real -- trees, rocks, dogs, cars, people, gravity, magnetism, electricity, ...

    I have reasons to believe those things.

  • Atheists choose not to consider God. They don't need a reason.

    I find a universe without God is ultimately a very bleak and miserable place. All the more reason, then, to seek to know the God who really exists and to lay hold of the only hope that will sustain us in life and in death.

  • yes they can

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