Do you ever regret expressing feelings?

I had a moment of shitty run-down, "I'm miserable, this is awful, I don't like what I last said" misery this past weekend and I sent a very long and heart-felt message to someone. And now that I'm not feeling AS shitty and miserable, I'm regretting sending it. I'm actually full blown nervous for them to read it and react to it.

Half of me wants to be like "LOL I'M JUST KIDDING haha what a JOKE those feelings are, amirite?"

The other half doesn't want to dismiss it at all because I know it's exactly how I feel and I know that even if the timing isn't right and it doesn't come across as I hope it does to the other person, it still needed to be said and laid out on the table.

I might be letting this persons reactions to former deep thoughts of mine pertaining to them influence how I feel, though, and that just makes it worse.

I am a ball of anxiety who needs to be cuddled and fed warm cups of hot chocolate send help.


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  • Okay first things first - You have sent it, you can't unsend it. If you rush in and try and change its intent, you may lessen its intent. I think everyone has been there hit send kinda happy after getting something off their chest, gone to bed, woke up next morning and gone "Oh Crap, what have I done?"
    Next thing you say " I know it's exactly how I feel " and " it still needed to be said and laid out on the table" so that means it has been on your mind. I am a great believer in it is better out in the open than hidden away in a pressure cooker not doing you any good.
    There are very few times in life when you express yourself like this where the timing is right or you are certain of the response.
    To paraphrase you if something needs to be said and is affecting you, you deserve to be praised and supported for having the guts to send message.
    As for last part about social anxiety and his response, I am sorry but I got nothing but just to tell you I wish you all the luck in the world and hope you get outcome you desire.

    • Thank you :)

      I'm almost certain I won't get the total outcome I desire, knowing him and knowing our friendship. But even if I achieve half of what I hope, it'll be enough for the time being at least.

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  • well I'm sorry but it's just won't go I mean nothing you can do to take it back and the regretting will always hunt you (I'm the same as you) we can make the best and honest speech that we will for ever regret when we are in our down side. So, just ignore it for as long as you can.

  • No I've never regretted it.

  • Nope, let it all out there. Everyone has moments like that in their life and it's nothing to be ashamed of

  • nah I'm glad I got it off my chest ahaha

    • Yep, me too, in the moment. And then three days later when it's not like 4 in the morning and I'm no longer being a big crying baby I'm just like

      "Well I fucked up."

    • I had that feeling too lol

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