Indiana Jones 5?

I just now read an article that talked about the possibility of a new Indy movie.

What do you think? Do you want to see a new Indy movie with Harrison Ford? What if a new actor took the reigns? Should Steven Spielberg be involved, or someone else? Do you even want a new Indiana Jones movie at all?

I don't really know how Harrison could return. I mean he's doing Star Wars and I also heard of a new Blade Runner movie. He's also getting pretty old. 73 is up there.


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  • ugh seriously? they should've stopped at 3 I didn't think 4 was that great :/

    • It's just what I've read. I didn't really thing 4 was too great either, but I like it more than 2. The biggest thing I have with 4 are the aliens.

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  • NO. nonofillerno.

    • Man. Why not? Not even with a different actor and director?

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    • I liked her. I think the actress did a good job. She's a woman in a man's (mobster) world so she's gotta have her own traits/quirks/personality that makes her stand out from other women. She's gotta be unsettling and memorable and I think she portrayed that quite well. Also her face made her look like Scar. Like, if Scar had a female real-world counterpart, it would be Fish.

    • All the actors are doing a good job, even the kids. But I just never really liked Fish's character. Even from the beginning, I was always hoping Penguin would get at her. I was also expecting him to kill Maroni, but man that turned out to be a plot twist. The people who are doing Gotham are really good at those plot twists so far.

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  • I don't Harrison Ford will do another but it's possible another actor would replace him

    • I think it could happen. But Harrison, I really don't know. Seems pretty busy.

    • Yeah he is but I think he has had enough of that , I thought he said he wouldn't do anymore of Indiana jones if he had time , I don't think Shia Laboffe could take his place but you never know what they will do