Taking criticism as a hostess?

I start tomorrow and I just really don't wanna screw up at all in any areas. What do I do if a customer is rude or upset? Say for example I tell them there's a 30 min wait, and they come back 50 min later and yell at me, saying "You said 30 min!" What do I do then? What should I expect as far as rotations and what not?


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  • well unfortunately the customer is always right (even when they're not). you just have to take it and apologize. but never ever take it personally! because it isn't personal, you just happen to be the person available to yell at. it sucks but you just have to remember it doesn't actually have to do with you. your boss/manager isn't going to fire you or think you're a bad hostess just because of customers getting mad (it happens all the time lol) unless you're actually doing something wrong like knowing its a 50 minute wait and intentionally lying or something. just relax it'll be fine and you'll get the hang of it quickly. I worked in a restaurant too during a summer break in college.😊


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  • There is a lot of variation in the industry between restaurants and between managers, but hosting is the easiest job to learn. I can't predict what your specific restaurant would be like, but just be sure to ask someone about everything you don't know.

    Difficult customers are usually more of a problem for a server or bartender. At most restaurants that have enough business to operate with a 30 to 50-minute wait, a customer who yells at the host would simply be asked to leave by the manager.

  • The person training you will have better knowledge geared towards your specific client base and will be able to help you more than anyone here can.

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