I'm scared that my crush will forget about me over break... Am I in fantasy land to think it's possible that it's a mutual desire between us?

He goes to my college and he always singles me out and stares at me when we pass each other. It started as just staring, then he would nod at me, and now it progressed & the last time he smiled at me when he was with his friend. So now I'm crushing on him big time... The first time he looked at stared at me, I was flattered... And now I'm just crazy about him.. He's super cute!
But now we're on a week break from school and everyone is off campus... I'm scared he has forgotten all about me and here I am fantasizing about him..
I think about him 24/7

Do you think he will have forgotten about me? Or could he be thinking of me as much as I am? I'm so excited to get back just to see him and actually talk to him.


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  • I thought the same thing in a similar situation and when I hit back after summer he came up and hugged me and said he missed me so I wouldn't worry

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