Should I lose weight again? If yes how can I introduce more workout?

A little half year ago (feb. 2015) I recieved my lost period. I had lost weight (44 kg was my weight back then) It returned yesterday, and I know I've gained a few kgs. (MMy weight is now 47-48) and I feel so disgusting and fat.

How can i lose it fast?
How can I introduce more exercise?
I know this i bad - please don't lecture me more than family and friends already do. I know what I want.


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  • workout twice a day, eat lean meats and vegetables, count calories... there is nothing to it.


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  • if you already decided to lose weight then this isn't a question. the general rule is consume 500 bless calories a day than you need to lose a pound a week. exercise to maintain muscle tone. get at least half a gram of protein per pound of body weight so you dont lose muscle mass. eat lots of vegetables to keep your diet high in vitamins and minerals. if you're a vegetarian make sure to take an iron supplement. probably taking a multi vitamin isa a good idea anyhow. dont eat saturated fats and dont eat processed foods. whole grains fresh vegetables low fat cheese meat if you eat it limited amount of nuts and seed though some is good for you., a tablespoon or two a day or olive or safflower oil,.

    dont crash diet its bad for your organs and your skin and your mental health. this could be why you stopped menstruating. not bc of the weight itself but poor nutrition.

    3 kilograms is obviously not a huge difference so its unlikely you won't still feel fat afterwards but thats something only you can know.

    how tall are you btw? bc 44 is not really a number until there's a height. if you were 65 feet tall yapped be in a hospital (have a friend who actually is 6 feet and 40 kilograms and she had to be hospitalized but she wasn't eating. ). if you were under 5 foot 5 its not a big deal.

    • i was about 44 kg when i was 5 6 5 7. but i ate properly and menstruated. im taller now so a bit heavier.

    • I'm 171 cm ( 5 feet and 7 inches)

    • yeah thats what i was and people said i was too thin but i was healthy and tbh they were not in as good shape. i mean i had more stamina and strength. as long as you eat right you know..

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  • I'm Sorry Wendy, but I don't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die.


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  • I doubt you are fat. You would be overweight if you were like 140cm tall, and I doubt you are that short. Perhaps you should talk to someone about this. This reminds me of my eating disorder. Better get help before it gets too bad.

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