What are some ways to break out of my shyness?

Ok, I have such bad anxiety and I kind of freak out everytime I talk to someone or if someone talks to me (anyone I don't really know or am not close to). It's not just with guys, girls too. When Some one try's to talk to me I can never keep the conversation going. What are some ways to try break through my shyness?


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  • Forcefully participate in activities that require you to be in front of a group of people, just to build confidence. I was shy prior to college, while I still am shy but not as much thanks to Theatre class.
    Learn to observe body language, they give excellent hints for the tone and direction of conversation.

    • Ok, what kind of things could/should I look for when observing body language?

    • It's not something I can type and tell you, but I suggest you search on YouTube for observing body language. Keep in mind cultural aspects also play a role, so many videos which are showcased by Americans don't hold true for some things here (India) due to cultural cues.

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