Was my counsellor a jerk?

I would talk to her about this complex that came within me after I withdrew from a prestigious University.

She would sort of give me these, 'whatever,' looks and at a point said, 'Yeah she just seems like a nice person, let's just leave it at that,' when I told her one of my ex-classmates was being kind to me.

She also said, 'I think that you felt like you didn't deserve it so your current University is a good fit,' something, which got me wondering if she doesn't understand my anguish because she thinks I anyways couldn't have performed well academically there.


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  • Sounds like she's in the wrong business.

    • Lol. Maybe I exaggerated the whatever looks but the other parts are fairly authentic.

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    • But isn't she paid, (almost 150 bucks) to try to help me through?

      I understand I wasn't going anywhere with it, but what bothers me is her thinking that I could not do it. Who is she to determine whether I could or couldn't?

    • $150 is not a lot; anyway, she's probably seen a lot of people who were in similar situations. Based on what she's seen, she probably predicted that you weren't going to succeed.

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