Difference between dating and bf/gf?

What is the difference between dating someone and being their bf/gf? My freind thinks im dating this guy who I have been talking to, but i told him we weren't that I knew of

If this helps. I know this guy through freinds. He initiated flirting with me by saying things like ill love him one day and lets get this relationship started. He also sent flowers. Well I visited him (he lives in another state) the whole time he was amazing and treated me like his girlfriend. We even had sex but still treated me the same. Time for me to go home and we talked about us he said he wasn't ready for anything. I found out he was cheated on and has a hard time trusting people.
I talk to him mostly everyday through texts. When i first got home it ws both of us intiating convos like good morning texts and good night, as it went on i started initiaing more and it was me but he always answers me and quick. There are some times which he doesn't but thats fine. We even get sexual with texts. he always says he wishes etc. I don't know what this is my freind said we are dating but i dont think we are since he's not ready or what could be going on with him.


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  • Going on dates is just to assess a match. You can go on 10 dates with 10 different people in a week if you want to. But after you determine you're a good match and talk about it and mutually decide to be exclusive you are bf/gr and should be loyal to each other only.


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  • I don't think we really have too much of a dating thing here in the UK, I've never really seen anyone just be casually dating and not actually in a relationship, but I think the idea is that dating is casual and you can date more than one person and there's no strings attached at the moment, it's kinda like testing the waters, whereas being boyfriend/girlfriend means you have more of a commitment to each other, it's more official.

    • Here in the USA, the "dating stage" lasts quite long. One can expect about six weeks to two months of dating on average before exclusive relationship status. Often times, even more substantially, sometimes less. That's what I've heard looking at many threads over many forums over the years.

      I don't like that system honestly. Too much ambiguity and competition, but that's the norm here in the United States. I like your folks' UK system better personally. More comfortable to date in that fashion in my opinion.

      Not that I would know as I am completely inexperienced, but that's how I feel hypothetically.

    • Yeah, I mean, as far as I'm aware we just kinda skip dating? When we ask someone out, it's a boyfriend-girlfriend thing right from the start, maybe not like seeing each other every day and being super couple-y, but I don't think that we have that kind of 'we're kinda seeing each other but not really' thing that you guys seem to have.

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  • I consider it to be the same thing.

  • See that confuses me too. I'm not really into the Bf/gf thing, but I've heard people say that a guy or girl that's just going on dates with different people are dating but not exclusive monogamous with anyone. Then I've heard people in a exclusive monogamous relationship as "dating". So I don't know what to believe and nobody explains it to me :(

    • It is sooo confusing. I think many people get confused with this too.

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  • dating is just sorta testing out the chemistry between u two. seeing if there's anything there. becoming boyfriend/girlfriend is a confirmation that it does exist and would like to take it further to establish a relationship and fall in love.

    • So would you say the guy I have been talking to as I said in my update and I are dating?

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    • ah i see. 'LDR' lol, imagine being interested in someone over half a day's flight away :P
      dont let any thoughts of ur ex enter this picture by the way. not safe.
      definitely. communication is KEY. keep doing that. it is the little things that make a difference, definitely, but yeah if ur willing to wait around until he finds the courage to make an official move then that's awesome. just make sure he actually is serious about u. id recommend u find out asap.

    • Lol he's 1200 miles not that far but still very far at the time being. No no thoughts of my ex
      At all. Just saying he knows my ex lives close by. When I was visiting him [my friend lives with him now] my friend was talking to my ex whom he's best friend with. My ex said something mean about me so I grabbed the phone and yelled at him. It kinda shocked him thinking I still talk to him which I don't. Little things like that probably make his head go crazy. I am going to continue doing what I'm doing and initiating everything showing him I care and want this. Also going to try and see if he is up for a visit within the next few weeks. I am stay the week if he wants evenhough he has work and see how it all goes. Was thinking about moving there so I can check. It all out. Thanks!