Help me find my wedding rings please?

I'm a complete emotional wreck right now. Why? Because I've just lost both of my rings, and in an unfamiliar place no less. I'm newly deployed right now so I'm still getting my footing on this base and that's not helping the panic factor, so I'm hoping someone else might be able to see things in my story that I'm missing and maybe help me recover them.

The last time I remember touching my rings was when I was at work on Monday and a coworker told me to take them off because we were in an industrial area, so I unhappily slid them off, fiddled with them for a minute and put them in the small front pocket of my backpack. I then sat my backpack on the ground and ran off to go do whatever work there was. At some point I came back for my bag and packed it around while working for a bit before taking it to the break room. It sat in there until the end of my shift when I took it to the bathroom with me to change out of my coveralls and back into my uniform. This part of the day was really fuzzy though because I was pretty sick and though I don't remember taking them out of my bag, I very well could have and set them on the counter before washing my hands with the intent to put them back on, but again, I really don't remember ever touching them since I put them in my bag that morning. All I know now is that they aren't in my bag or anywhere in my area of the tent and nobody at work would have gone through my bag or taken anything. I have no idea where to look!

You people are a bunch of goddamn useless turds.


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  • Stop looking and freaking out. It'll show up when you least expect it