What language does a blind and deaf person think in?

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  • You don't think in language, you think in ideas and concepts. If you actually had to say everything you were about to do 'aloud' inside your head before you did it, you'd function extremely slowly.

    There have been numerous cases throughout history of 'feral children' who never learned a language. There is a critical period for developing that part of the brain, usually before the onset of puberty, after which it is borderline impossible.

    The case of 'Ildefonso' is what I am specifically thinking of, because when he acquired language after 27 years, they asked what it had been like living purely from instinct before.

    “I think differently. I can’t remember how I thought.”


    I think that language encourages a kind of cognitive development that shapes how you think and reason. But you don't consciously think in words and sentences (unless you are planning out what you're going to say or write)


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  • sign language for deaf people... blind people can speak the language they learn growing up so it's whatever they were exposed to

    a blind and deaf person most likely doesn't know any language... although hellen keller was able to learn English

  • A blind person would think in their own language seems that they still have hearing

    A deaf person would think in hand gestures or that thing they feel to read

    • "that thing they feel to read"

      You mean Braille? People who are deaf have perfectly functional eyes and can read books! Do you think in images of words and letters?

      Sign language =/= hand gestures

    • @meatballs21 if was FIRST Born to Child without school for learn Sign Language, it was first Gesture Hand nature since Cavemen until Egyptian era.

  • I should ask them

  • Simple. He imagine and think based on imagination. Like animals do.

    • And imagine based on sign language n touch. You must watch a wollywood movie black. Also nominated for Oscar. it's a story about a deaf, blind and dumb girl.

  • it's not meme, it's very Drama story of the Blind-Deaf person.


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